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Google Gets Creepy on March 1!

Excerpts from: Google announces privacy changes across products; users can’t opt out – Washington Post – Cecilia Kang

Review of an article about Google privacy changes by Cecilia Kang

Jennifer’s Commentary

I recently learned – and subsequently moved – this blog from Blogger – because Google will “…follow the activities of users across nearly all of its ubiquitous sites, including YouTube, Gmail and its leading search engine” starting March 1, 2012. Google already has the data but will be combining it to create an overview of each users’ activity. Users will not be allowed to opt out. I am SO glad that I did not buy an Android mobile phone!

Is This Right?

Is this ethical? Maybe. Is it good business, no. I find it to be creepy. I don’t want Google knowing anything about what I do, like, imagine, or want. I advise anyone who appreciates their privacy to begin migrating away from Google’s services.

Google’s Reasoning

The reason Google is doing this is that they want to direct ads toward what people typically want. It will be more focused as well. So, if you often search for information on the automobile “Jaguar,” you will get ads in your Gmail account from Jaguar dealers.


“But consumer advocates say the new policy might upset people who never expected their information would be shared across so many different Web sites. A user signing up for Gmail, for instance, might never have imagined that the content of his or her messages could affect the experience on seemingly unrelated Web sites such as YouTube (Kang, Washington Post, 2012/1/24).”

Please see the article for more details.

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