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The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes

Review of The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes by John Arnold

Excerpts from The Top Five Mobile Marketing Mistakes, John Arnold, 10/14/11


“Two years ago, there was no such thing as an iPad. Five years ago, nobody had a smartphone. Before 2007, the year of the iPhone, mobile marketing was mostly about text-messaging and selling ringtones. The bottom line is that everyone is new at this thing called mobile marketing. So, it should be no surprise that marketers are still working out the kinks.

Jennifer Brower Provides Commentary

For the past few years I’ve seen companies big and small repeat the same mobile marketing mistakes. If you’re planning a mobile marketing campaign, you can save some time and money by learning from where they’ve gone wrong. Here are the top five mobile marketing mistakes and how you can avoid repeating them as you roll out your next campaign.” – John Arnold, Entrepreneur Magazine, October 14, 2011

Here is the list of the top five mobile marketing mistakes:

1. Mismatching content with mobile messaging 

2. Building an app without a plan for promoting it

3. Too much targeting

4. Ignoring the potential of voice

5. Taking privacy concerns lightly

Please see the article to review each point in detail!

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