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Let’s Hear It For Dennis Ritchie!

Steve Jobs vs Dennis Ritchie


Without Steve Jobs (February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011) we would have:

No iProducts
No over expensive laptops

Without Dennis Ritchie (September 9, 1941 – October 12, 2011) we would have:

No Windows
No Unix
No C
No Programs
A large setback in computing
No Generic-text Languages.
We would all read in Binary..

They died in the same year and the same month but it seems only few notice the death of Dennis Ritchie compared to Steve Jobs.

Marketing is everything, I suppose!

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Jennifer Brower’s Review of Automize 9 by HiTek Software

Jennifer Brower Reviews Automize 9 by HiTek Software



I am always on the lookout for inexpensive software at a low cost. One such product is Automize 9 by HiTek Software. Automize is a VERY robust task scheduler and automation software. The program is written in Java and is cross-platform compatible. Platforms supported include: Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7; and, MacOSX 10.5-10.6.

Product Description

Quoting the HiTek Software website, Automize provides:

  • “Easy to use task scheduler: No programming or scripting required, graphical interface;”
  • “Scripting features are available for advanced users and programmers;”
  • “Powerful, flexible, reliable and affordable;”
  • “Run 1000+ tasks a day using a flexible task scheduler;”
  • “Timely and Free technical support before and after you purchase;”
  • “FREE 30-day trial and FREE minor upgrades,”
  • “Runs on Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, and other Unix platforms”

This software has 5 parts, each description is quoted from the HiTek website:

  1. Automize –“This is our flagship product. Automize is the leader in multi-platform (Windows, Mac OSX and Linux) advanced task scheduling and automation software.”
  2. AutoKrypt – “Data encryption software designed for automation. Automatically encrypt or decrypt, files and folders on a schedule. Encryption methods include password based, secret key, public key and private key, OpenPGP password, Open PGP public and private key.”
  3. JaSFTP – “Secure FTP (SFTP), designed with automation in mind, so you do not have to spend time interactively transferring files. For Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and other Unix platforms.”
  4. AbleFTP – “Not just another FTP client! AbleFtp is designed with automation in mind, so you do not have to spend time interactively transferring files. For Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.”
  5. JaBack – “Backup software designed to automate all your backup, synchronization, and archiving tasks.”

Jennifer’s Comments

I truly enjoy using Automize to schedule tasks and manage SFTP/FTP transfers. I often use this program to monitor directories and FTP folders across my network and use the encryption feature to decrypt and encrypt files sent to various clients. I often use the email feature to let myself know that a task has been completed successfully.

There is a chaining feature that allows me to create a script that will go step by step through a process such as decrypting data, manipulating it, encrypting it again, and then sending the file via FTP to the correct server. I can receive an email when the process succeeds or fails. I enjoy using Open PGP encryption. I can also schedule the process to run by the second or minute, or on a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. I can store FTP login information, do FTP browsing, zip/unzip/view ZIP files, use their customizable logging features, and more. I can access SQL databases and Office programs as well. I also schedule a backup of all tasks.

There are 3 packages: Standard ($229.95), Professional ($279.95), and Enterprise ($329.95). The Enterprise version is the best deal and it includes all functionality. A Product Feature Grid is attached below.

The only negatives I experienced were learning how to use the software and initial setup on my server. The main problem was that the forum – which is like a huge FAQ site – was down for about a month before deploying my solution. I wasn’t able to find out until the minute how to set up the tasks to run without being logged into the server via the NT Service Module. After I learned how to do that, it was a breeze. Also, the software interface takes time to grow on you.

Finally, Automize is the only task scheduler software that I recommend to my small and midsize clients.

Product Feature Grid

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Politics and Social Media/Mobile Apps

For my day job, I am doing some research on the impact of social media and mobile apps on politics that will culminate in a presentation called a “Tech Talk.” I am also looking to create some apps for the presentation that I will market later through my company, Brower Technology. Any ideas? How do you think mobile apps and social media can be used in politics? Email me at jennifer at jenniferbrower dot com.

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Steve Jobs Was A Jerk… Good For Him By Gene Marks, Forbes

Hello, This is Jennifer Brower, President & Chief Program Officer of Brower Technology. Steve Jobs is a personal inspiration of mine — because he got the job done! He wasn’t afraid of not pleasing others. He knew what he had to do to be successful and did it. This is also my attitude. Providing top notch service for clients and exceeding their expectations is a demand of mine!

Below is an excerpt of an article written by Gene Marks and is the property of Forbes Magazine:

In case you haven’t heard, Steve Jobs passed away.

The praise has been pouring in. And deservedly so. He was a genius. A man that made a tremendous impact on the world. During the week, I probably read thirty or forty blogs and columns about his life and accomplishments. I even wrote a little homage to him myself in the Huffington Post. But I wasn’t learning as much about him as I had hoped. Sure, I learned about his story, his rise with Apple, the “wilderness years,” his triumphant return, the iProducts. But I wasn’t learning much about Steve Jobs the person. The boss.

That is until I read this great piece from Ryan Tate. And I really began to learn something about Steve Jobs. Jobs wasn’t successful just because he was creative, brilliant and hardworking. There are a lot of creative, brilliant and hardworking people running technology businesses. Jobs had an extra little something going on that further separated him from his peers: He was a jerk. Good for him.

I am not creative or brilliant. I work hard. But I like my vacations, my time watching my kids play sports, the odd nap on a Sunday afternoon too. I don’t think I’m anywhere near as hard a worker as Jobs was. And I’m not a jerk like Jobs was. Which is the biggest reason why I’m just a moderately successful business guy, and not a super billionaire. That’s because being creative and hard working isn’t that uncommon. Being a jerk is.

Tate says that Jobs exercised censorship and authoritarianism. To put anything on an Apple device you needed Apple’s permission. “Apple’s devices have connected us to a world full of information,” he writes. “But they don’t permit a full expression of ideas. Indeed the people Apple supposedly serves – the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers – have been particularly put out by Jobs’ lockdown.”

Jobs wasn’t about to let anyone use his products for activities that would negatively reflect on his company. He knew the risks of giving up control. He knew that people would accuse him of restricting free expression. He didn’t care. He was a jerk. My products are misused all the time. I have clients turning off internal controls, resetting security and converting contact management databases into inventory systems because it’s cheaper than buying a true inventory system. Because I’m not a jerk I say nothing. I just take the money. And in just about every case, these same clients have turned into non-clients. Because they inevitably ran into security and operational issues that turned their investment into a loss. And blamed me. I’ll never be as brilliant as Steve Jobs. But if I were to exercise a little more control over how our products are used (in other words: be a jerk more often) I may be a tad more successful.

“Inside Apple,” Tate continues, “there is a culture of fear and control around communication: Apple’s “Worldwide Loyalty Team” specializes in hunting down leakers, confiscating mobile phones and searching computers. In the creepiest example of Apple’s fascist tendencies, two of Apple’s private security agents searched the home of a San Francisco man and threatened him and his family with immigration trouble as part of a scramble for a missing iPhone prototype.” Wow, the Apple Gestapo. I love that too.

Read the remainder of the article here

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